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Is the Bear about to Get You?! with Dave Fuller - Episode 42

The Bear

In this episode, the Bear story is real. Yes, Dave and his friends faced a bear. Obviously he survived, but it could have turned out differently. You and I as business owners also face a bear of a different kind, but just as potentially deadly. Can you guess what it is?


You got it. The bear we face is stress. This bear almost took me out a few years ago. It can sneak up on you just like a bear in the woods. Seemingly it can come out of left field. It is a silent killer as it affects each of us differently. Some of us cope with different kind of dependencies that don't suit us well. Some of us just buckle down and work harder (I'm raising my hand), which is exactly the opposite of what we should do. 


There are many things we can do to combat stress. The best is rest. Yes sleep, rest and recovery are critical to our health. "But wait! We have all this work to do." Yep, that's exactly what I said, until my body forced me to shut down. Listen to me...

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The Cornerstones of Simplicity -Episode 41

Simplicity is sometimes the elusive secret sauce we are yearning for in our business and life. With simplicity comes freedom of mind and energy. With simplicity comes success. 

Cornerstones of Simplicity

  • Discipline
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

Discipline - the ability to stay focused on what must be done.

Vision - where you are headed. Make it clear and concise.

Mission - the purpose for which the business exists.

Values - the expectation of behaviors and the business personality.

Work on keeping your business and life as simple as possible. Say no to the opportunities that come your way, even if they are good, if they don't align with your vision, mission and values. Stay the course and focused and success is yours. 

Enjoy the Journey!


Love Work. Love Life. 

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Building Visibility, Brand and Reach by Speaking to an Audience of One with Annemarie Cross - Episode 40

Speaking to an Audience of One

When Annemarie said the phrase "speaking to an audience of one" during the episode, it was the perfect summary of all we had been talking about in our conversation. When we are writing copy, recording a podcast or creating an email 'blast'; we should be speaking to one person. In episode 30, as I was describing my journey to getting better doing videos, part of the success I achieved was due to speaking to one person only. We always need to be intentional in doing that. They will feel it through the medium you are using as your are speaking to them. 

"Every single message needs to deliver value." - Annemarie Cross 

Messaging is Important

The importance of messaging cannot be understated. When communicating with your audience and clients, it is imperative to be crystal clear. Even if you find you have a message that resonates with your audience, but it pulls them away from your core business, you must make a change. The message and the...

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You are Spring Cleaning aren't You? - Episode 39

Clearing the Mind of Distractions or what I call 'Spring Cleaning'

The mind is a terrible thing to waste and yet we do so everyday. When we think inappropriate thoughts for achieving success, we are wasting time and more important our energy. We cannot afford to waste our energy on thoughts that do not take us to where our vision lies. We have a mission and we need all our energy to make that happen.

Common Anti-success Thoughts

1. I need to do it myself.

2. I cannot find the right people. 

3. I am not good enough.

4. I want to do more. 

There isn't enough space to list all the errant thoughts we have. Our minds can be harnessed to be our strength or our weakness. We talked before how our thoughts become our emotions which become our actions and all that adds up to our results. We must spring clean our minds from the depleting thoughts. 

Ways to Implant Positive Thoughts

  • Affirmations
  • Mastermind
  • Coaching
  • Reading
  • Podcasts
  • Habits

If you need help or assistance in...

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Up My Influence with Josh Elledge - Episode 38

Increasing Your Influence

The conversation with Josh Elledge, from Up My Influence, was extraordinary as we walked through how to increase our influence as business owners. His experience and wisdom on the subject shown through in this episode.  Listen to get his inside secrets on how to make it happen.

Important Points We Covered

  • Authority and why it is the most valuable commodity.
  • Branding and how to structure it.
  • The importance of the profile. 
  • Influencer marketing and how to handle them.
  • The best way to serve.
  • What to say to Journalists.
  • His secret sauce.

Books he recommended:

Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer

Known by Mark Schaefer

Tool he recommended:

Contact Josh at

Enjoy the Journey!





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You CAN Control Your Results... Can't You? - Episode 37


Can you really control your results? Barring outside influences such as the economy, political winds and the like; you can control the results you seek if you control your actions. As we have heard many times, control what you can and let the rest go.


You are responsible for and accountable to the actions you take. The sum of your actions are why you are getting the results you are getting today. Where you are, who your with, your income, your daily activities, everything is coming to you based on your actions. If you don't like the results you are experiencing you must change your actions. Actions are driven by our feelings and emotions.


Did you know your emotions are ultimately what drives your actions? Sales people know this. That is why great sales people appeal to your emotions versus your logic to get you to take "action". You have the ultimate control of your emotions. I know you may disagree, let me explain. 

We have all said things like "they...

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Is Your Business Prepared or the Storm that will Come? with Molly Grubb - Episode 36


  • Financial 
  • Marital
  • Health
  • Competition
  • Market changes
  • Partnership disagreements
  • Fraud or embezzlement
  • Spiritual

These are some of the common storms that hit all of us as humans and business owners. They can be devastating and almost overwhelming, especially to the business. If your business is not set up properly or if you do not have fall back systems and processes, one of these storms can literally be the death knell for your business.


There are solutions. Listen to the podcast and Molly's story of how her family experienced storms and from that she birthed a business that guides you in how to prepare. She advises us in several ways. We have to prepare for an exit long before we are even considering an exit. We can invest differently and spread our risk so that less of our wealth is tied up in the business. She discusses the four pillars of the dynasty we must build. I suggest you take Molly up on her offer and go here to learn more....

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Which is More Important, Vision or Action? - Episode 35

The Chicken or the Egg? 

Ah, the age old question about which comes first? When it comes to Vision and Action, Vision comes first...doesn't it? Well, hold on a minute. Sometimes you have to take action to clarify your vision. However, action without a vision is futile. Maybe we need both. 

Vision and Action are partners

Just like a team of horses working together, Vision and Action belong together. It takes both working in a symbiotic relationship for each to reach their potential. They both have to do the work for which they were intended. Vision without action is just a pipe dream. It will never become a reality. It will sputter and die. Action without Vision is wasted effort. It may take you in the wrong direction. Sure, you may accomplish some things but they won't get you where you want to go in the long run. 

Clear Vision

The Vision Story process we discussed in the podcast is intended to guide you to clarity. As you form the vision you have for your business,...

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Mindset, Clarity and Action with Jen McFarland - Episode 34


We have all heard and agreed to the importance of mindset. So, why is it that we still suffer from mindset issues? Because we constantly have to intentionally be working on our mindset. We need to gain clarity around the way we are thinking and making decisions.


Sometimes the best place to start for gaining clarity is within ourselves. In this episode Jen McFarland outlines three types of leaders she often works with inside of companies. What kind of leader are you?

  1. Do it my way leader.
  2. Research leader.
  3. Last minute leader.

Knowing more about yourself is a great step in the right direction. We discussed a key question for determining the root cause for your fear. "What is the worst thing that can happen?" is a great way to start uncovering where the true fear lies. Owning this fear and taking action anyway, is moving the power from the fear back to you. 

Taking Action

Learning to fail is essential. You are going to fail. As a matter of fact, you should fail...

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Life Transitions and Self Care with Janet McMahan - Episode 33

 Listen In

I will not rehash the story, shared within this episode, in this post of the incredible transition that occurred in my life due to an encounter and experience. You just need to listen in to hear it. It involved our guest, Janet McMahan, an accomplished artist, creator and friend and a well known public figure, Zig Ziglar. You need to listen to her wisdom, as it applies to all of us. For men and women alike, she gives us wisdom for our life journey.

Life Transitions

Life truly does have seasons. We go from one thing to another and experience so many things, some really tough and some extraordinary. Janet exhibits the persistence that can help us 'create' extraordinary moments. Listen to her story about how she stalked (in a good way) Zig Ziglar. The effort paid off as she joined forces with him to create something incredible. That creation impacted me and has me writing this blog today. Had she not done what she did, I would not be sharing this with you forty, yes it...

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