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Be A Champion with Gary Brackett

If you want to know what it takes to Be A Champion, you ask a champion. Gary Brackett is not only a champion in football, he is a champion in business and life. You may remember him from his time in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts as number 58 and captain of the team. He was a part of their latest Super Bowl Championship team. 

In this conversation, we talk about his transition from sports to business. He tells us about how running a business is the ultimate team sport. We discuss the importance of systems and processes, along with the other basic tenets of business. Gary also tells us about the business he founded. 

The Stacked Pickle is a franchise restaurant concept. They focus on the quality of the food and the experience. We learn about the things they hold dear every day. Some of the things we discuss are:

  • hiring for personality and train for skill
  • the importance of their training system
  • open book test
  • the hiring process
  • the stacked pickle brand


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YouTube Marketing Mastery with Liz Germain

Liz Germain is a YouTube expert. Listen to this podcast to learn we all, as business owners, should be harnessing the power of video and specifically on YouTube. She walks us through how to get started.

Only 9% of small businesses use YouTube

YouTube is a powerful platform for several reasons:

1. Video is taking the lead in marketing.

2. Video is the best method, other than face to face, for others to get to know you. 

3. YouTube is a powerful search engine. And oh by the way, they are owned by the number one search engine - Google.

So how do we take advantage of YouTube in our businesses? Where do we start? Liz covers all that for us in this conversation. She discusses key word research and how that is critical. She also gives us the three types of content we should create:

  • Help - start here - how to, common challenges
  • Hub - post weekly
  • Hero - the why - creates an emotional connection

The key performance metrics to watch are watch time, percent completion and subscribes. We...

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Being Vulnerable to Grow with Sonny Hobbs

You hear it a lot ..."be vulnerable". Why is this so important for a business owner to understand and do? Listen to this conversation with Sonny Hobbs, Founder of Culleoka Company, as he explains. He clearly outlines that it is a work in progress along our journey through life.  

As we, Gray Solutions, work with business owners across many industries, we find that those that work hard at being vulnerable and authentic with their teams generally have built a better culture. The trust in the organization is allowed to flourish and grow to levels of high-performance. 

We talk about culture being the great differentiator from one business to another. One of the key components of the best cultures is the ability of the leaders to be vulnerable. While being vulnerable to some may sound weak, it actually takes strength and courage to exhibit vulnerability as a leader. It's admirable. 

Listen in and learn more. In this episode we talk about the following as he...

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The Business Owner Freedom book is ready for you!

Transform Your Business to Create the Lifestyle You Desire

The Business Owner Freedom Book is live on your favorite book sellers now! The book is what we coach business owners through to find freedom with their business and in their lives. 

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Customer Orbits with Steve Gordon

 Do you know what orbits should exist around your business? Do you sell high ticket products or services? If you do, you should know the answer to the first question. Listen to this podcast to find out more from Steve Gordon, Founder of The Unstoppable CEO. In this conversation we discuss the following:

High Ticket Sales

Long Lead Times

Modeling the process (orbits)

Podcasting as key base content 

With focus, all marketing channels work

Own your market through expertise and influence

The three purchases every buyer makes - it's not just one

For more information from Steve go to The Unstoppable CEO.

As announced in this episode the Business Owner Freedom book is now available! Follow the affiliate link to order.

If we can help you or your business in any way, reach out to us at

* as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 
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Why Business is like a Teeter-Totter with Brandon Vaughn

Brandon Vaugh, CEO of Automate Grow Sell, talks with us about why business is like a teeter-totter. His experiences in buying, growing, and selling businesses is extraordinary. You will thoroughly enjoy the insight he brings to us. 

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Measure, Execute and Win with Alex Castro

Learn how to measure, execute and win with Alex Castro in this episode of the Business Owner Freedom podcast. Alex is an expert in Information Technology and Strategy. Listen to the show to learn more!

Here is what we covered in the show:

  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Avoiding Black Swans
  • Micro Management
  • Your business Readiness Score
  • Culture Clash
  • Swarm Technologies (AI)
  • How to get data effectively
  • Neutralizing the bias

From my experience, creating the proper measurements, using data correctly and remaining unbiased is the difference in a good strategic plan and a great strategic plan. We help businesses create strategic plans, many times their first one, on a regular basis. We know how daunting it can be when you've never done one before, or even experienced the process. We are here to help you if you need to get unstuck or need to formulate a session.

These are the affiliate links to the books mentioned in the show:

Measure, Execute, Win, by Alex Castro

Good to Great by Jim...

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Are You Moving the Ball in Your Business? with Jennifer Garrett

Jennifer Garrett is very accomplished with experiences such as being a JAG (Judge Advocate) and a Fortune 100 Executive, as well as being a Boundary-pusher. She teaches us today about how to move the ball in our business. 

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Human Connection in a Data Driven World with Ric Lindberg

Ric Lindberg is a technical wiz ad yet an empathy and connection expert. Those two things don't often come packaged together. Listen to our conversation about how connection and data do actually belong together. 

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Stop Listening to the Experts with Tom Libelt

Tom Libelt tells us why we shouldn't be listening to the experts in regards to our marketing. Specifically, he means a platform expert. As Tom is an expert of sorts in the industry, he shows us how to choose the right channel for our business. I found this conversation very helpful. 

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