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Being Vulnerable to Grow with Sonny Hobbs

You hear it a lot ..."be vulnerable". Why is this so important for a business owner to understand and do? Listen to this conversation with Sonny Hobbs, Founder of Culleoka Company, as he explains. He clearly outlines that it is a work in progress along our journey through life.  

As we, Gray Solutions, work with business owners across many industries, we find that those that work hard at being vulnerable and authentic with their teams generally have built a better culture. The trust in the organization is allowed to flourish and grow to levels of high-performance. 

We talk about culture being the great differentiator from one business to another. One of the key components of the best cultures is the ability of the leaders to be vulnerable. While being vulnerable to some may sound weak, it actually takes strength and courage to exhibit vulnerability as a leader. It's admirable. 

Listen in and learn more. In this episode we talk about the following as he carries us on an over twenty year journey of starting, growing and selling a business:


Starting on a shoe string

Burn out and beyond

Being vulnerable and assessing your self as a leader

Saying sorry and meaning it

Selling a business and the importance of culture

Relationships are king

And Sonny's parting words are awesome - "Don't be afraid to get mud on your shoes."


To learn more about the Culleoka Company and the natural products their tribe is producing, go here

The affiliate links to the books we mentioned in the episode:

How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins

Dig Your Well Before Your Thirsty, Harvey Mackay

For additional information and assistance in your journey as a business owner, go to We have one-on-one coaching, group coaching and other resources for your to free your business, free your life. 

Enjoy the Journey,

Gregory Gray

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