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Heroic Business Owner:

We are all about YOU the Business Owner. We have programs and solutions that can relieve the chaos and overwhelm you feel and experience daily. If you are interested in creating Massive Freedom of time, money and purpose in your life and business, we are here to help. 

Join our Freedom Mastermind, or set up a Coaching engagement, either by a one-on-one arrangement or in one of our groups to start the path to Freedom. We conduct these virtually via Zoom, so it is always convenient and efficient. 

If you are super serious about digging in deep into your business, you will be glad to know we have a proprietary system we utilize. The Business Freedom System includes software that you will be given access to as a guide and an accountability enhancement. We will walk you and your team through each module to ensure your business is set up for success today and tomorrow. 

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your Journey to Freedom. It takes know-how, which we provide, and focused implementation, which you will provide. The result is a business that serves you and the lifestyle you desire. Let's make your dreams and vision come true.

Enjoy the Journey!



About Greg:

Gregory Gray, CEO of Gray Solutions LLC, is a High Performance Coach. He and his team specialize in providing education, inspiration and implementation to Business Owners and their teams. We work everyday to guide business owners to find their Freedom from the chaos, overwhelm, and lack of direction that many experience. 

Join our Community to learn more.  You can find more about us at



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