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Live Coaching Session on Business Transition with Victor Hallock

Business transition is a tough endeavor even for the experienced entrepreneur. It takes deep introspection and a willingness to admit that the original direction you were going may have been good but not great. However it can be exciting and enlightening as well.

Victor Hallock is a great example of someone who, while accomplishing much, has found that he has a burning desire and talent to go in a different direction. In our conversation on the podcast, it would be easy to assume that he made the wrong decision years ago to pursue his first business. That isn't necessarily so. Sometimes just starting and going in any direction is better than waiting. It actually helped Victor get to where he is today.

If you are a business owner that finds yourself in a business you really aren't passionate about or maybe even find you are burned out, don't feel trapped. There is always a way to find the business you were meant to own and love. I actually experienced this myself in my entrepreneur...

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Being Proactive with Tax Planning is the Best Deal with Craig Cody


Ah, taxes.

It's the time of year where we are preparing for filling last year's taxes and should be planning better for this year. Let's do that. Let's start planning now while it is on our mind and we don't forget the lessons learned, as they are still on our minds. 

As a 17 year veteran of the New York City Police Department, Craig Cody knows a thing or two about being proactive. He knows what it means to be prepared and to plan ahead. He has taken that ability to think ahead from the force to the business field. As a CPA and Certified Tax Professional, he is prepared to save business owners real hard earned dollars. In our conversation, a few great points surfaced. 

As a small business owner, you must also plan ahead and be proactive in so many areas of your business. Not many are as important as the area of your business finances and specifically your tax planning. Being reactive will certainly find you paying substantially more in taxes than you should be....

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Mindset and Blind Spots with Todd Palmer

In this episode, a familiar subject appeared during the conversation. One of my favorite to speak about with business owners, mindset and blind spots. When you listen to Todd's story he learned the way most business owners do , by failing, learning and growing. 

What makes the mindset such a tough and burdensome thing to a business owner. First, most business owners have a strong ego and a strong will. That's where they got the drive to start a business to begin with. Secondly, they tend to want to be the one who knows it all. You can hear Todd exclaim that in his story. Hey, if we are honest, we have all been there at one time or another. Third, and the part of Todd's story that will resonate with you, is we don't have someone showing us our blind spots.

So how do we allow our mindset to change and how do we discover our blind spots? Listen to what Todd said he did. That is the way to solve these issues. Albeit, you will always need to work on them. Todd found mentors, he...

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Budgets are Useless, but Budgeting is Indispensable

Join me in a solo cast about a question I was asked about the value of budgets. The value is hidden in the 'process'. Listen in to find out why!

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Quality Care for your Team without Breaking the Budget with Allison De Paoli

Allison De Paoli is a problem solver extraordinaire. In our conversation, she helps us Small Business Owners, understand how to navigate the decisions around providing Quality Care to our employees. 

"You want to take care of your employees... and you need to control your costs." -Allison De Paoli

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The Mystery of SEO for Business Owners with Ryan Cote

Listen to Ryan Cote's expert advice on SEO for the Small Business Owner. As a partner and director of Digital Services at Ballantine, he has much to offer in this episode.

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Isolation is the Enemy

"It can be said that isolation is the enemy of improvement; it can also be said that isolation is the enemy of excellence; it can also be said that isolation is the enemy of growth; and it can be said that isolation is the enemy of healing." -Gregory Gray

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Finding Purpose with Tracey Osborne

Tracey Osborne is the CEO of Daring Woman, Inc. Listen to the story Tracey shares in this episode and how she found her purpose. She has been and continues upon an extraordinary journey. 

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Personal and Business Journey Together with Danny "Sunshine" Bauer

Danny Bauer is not only a good friend and fellow coach, he is a remarkable leader. He is the founder and author of Better Leaders Better Schools. He is impacting the world through developing leaders who in turn are impacting kids across the world. Listen to his wisdom and insight in this episode. 

"I'm afraid of failure. It's scary." -Danny Bauer

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