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One of the Best Business Investments with Kari Coody

If you want to invest in something that not only helps you directly, but also adds value to your business; invest in your health. It will give you the energy and stamina to do what needs to be done, while working on your business.

Health starts with mindset.

Kari talks with us about learning, deciding and then taking action is the key to changing your health journey. You can either decide to change, which is what we recommend OR and event may force you to change. That is what happened to me in 2017. I had no choice but to change. I was stopped in my tracks and had to make smart choices quickly.

The Five Step Formula

This formula is what I eventually figured out on my own. I wish I had access to Kari and her course then. Well, you do. I suggest you find out more from her if you are interested in changing or need to change due to some health issues.

  1. See where you are at.
  2. Upgrade your eats.
  3. Customize your eats.
  4. Periodic cleansing.
  5. Cleansing your environment.

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Survive or Thrive

SURVIVE or THRIVE? You have a choice you need to make. It will set you up or knock you backwards. Yes, we all want to survive, however, we can't live there long. We were meant to thrive!

"Which will you choose?" -Gregory Gray

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FEAR with Tevis Trower

FEAR - are you experiencing anxiety with a pending recession, the coronavirus, business worries, employee troubles, customer concerns, family matters......? We talk about where to begin, which is with our thoughts. We must handle anxiety when is comes our way. We have to step through the fear and take action.

"What is it going to take?" -Tevis Trower

Tevis walks us through how to combat these thoughts. She talks about our baseline fear of survival and how that drives our thoughts. We have to listen to the voice of wisdom. In the end, we have one life to live and give. 

"No one here gets out alive." -Jim Morrison, The Doors

It may sound unrelated, but we talk about self-respect and self-care and how that plays a central part in dealing with fear. Listen in and enjoy the conversation.

"Do or do not, there is no try." -Yoda

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Broken Beliefs to Breakthrough with Greg Yates

Do you have beliefs that need to be broken so you can find the breakthrough that you need so you can meet your purpose in life?

Greg had up to 14 companies at one time. He even retired at 37 and contemplated his future. He got busy again and by the world's definition was super successful. 

After being incarcerated ad hitting the proverbial rock bottom, his beliefs were broken wide open. He has diligently and intentionally rebuilt proper beliefs. Listen in to learn how!

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It is an Inside Job with Bonnie Kelly

It is truly an inside job, isn't it? When we realize this and focus on this, everything can change for the better. We may very well be sabotaging on purpose. 

"Either you learn enough to where you want to change, or you hurt enough to where you have to change."

Align your inner world to the success you want in the outer world. Success in one area doesn't necessarily translate to other areas. We have to take ownership to change these things. 

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One Awkward Conversation Away from a Lasting Legacy with Mark Delaney

Legacy - a word that has different meanings to different people. When you think of your legacy, what does it mean to you? How would you define it? Mark Delaney helps us answer what legacy means and how we can obtain it.

Listen to this conversation with open ears and an open mind. The gold Mark hands to us may just change your life as it has mine. He will tell us why we may just be one awkward conversation away from our lasting legacy. 

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Self Care is NOT Selfish with Sheila Southerland

Stress. overwhelm, and burnout - they have ruled the lives of many business owners. I for one had to look into the eyes of burnout and face it head on. Man o' man did I learn some important lessons. 

Sheila Southerland teaches us how to focus on the right things so we can escape the false belief that 'self care is selfish'. It is not only not selfish but necessary for you, your business, and your people. Listen in!

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Video Persuasion with Rick Cesari

We hear every day how video is the key to business growth. Video persuasion is the new frontier for each of us in the world of building trust with an audience that wants to buy from us. It is something we cannot ignore. As a matter of fact, we need to master video. 

In this conversation, Rick Cesari teaches us how to grow our video persuasion. I have focused my business strategy in 2020 on video. I am all in - listen and find out why.

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Ready Set Rank with Darcy Sullivan

Darcy Sullivan is a marketing expert and the President of Propel Marketing and Design. She guides us through the key aspects of what it takes to set up your company's marketing process correctly.

I personally can testify to Ready. Set. Rank., her program, for doing it yourself. It was a great educational and implementation experience. If you are looking for guidance with your marketing reach out to Darcy and team. 

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Is Your Business Shatterproof? with Scott Reib

Scott Reib is the founder of Next Level Legal Coaching and Senior Attorney at Reib Law. Our conversation will help you answer the question: "Is your business shatterproof?"

Scott is an excellent attorney with a legal mind for small business. Listen to his suggestions and recommendations to protect and grow your business.

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