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Energy of Consistent Persistence with Dan Miller

Dan Miller is the founder of "48 Days" and the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Dan is a dad, husband, and grandfather of an amazing family. Listen to his journey and how he built a business from a simple idea that served others. He has inspired me for years.

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The View from the Top with Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker. "Big A," is a 39 year entrepreneur, business owner, dad, and husband. He leads a group of men in a Mastermind called ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron). As author of view from the Top, he outlines his journey in this episode.

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Persistence is Key for the Business Owner with Eric Poulin

Eric Poulin is a business owner, faith filled dad and husband along with being an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial experience started with his business venture of mowing yards. He always knew he wanted to be in the business for himself. He now has his own business in the construction industry. Listen to his story for why he describes persistence as the key.

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Maybe I'll just get a J.O.B.

The thought of going and getting a job instead of running your own business is a thought that sometimes crosses a business owner's mind. Getting your business where you want to be is finding your way to a freeing lifestyle.

"Sometimes you hear the acronym J.O.B.- just over broke." -Gregory Gray

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Revenue is King! Not so fast...

More Revenue!

We hear it everyday from small business owners, "I need to increase my revenue!". While this may be true, we find there are different and deeper meanings to this phrase. Usually what is desired is more income and profit. The majority of the time just increasing revenue is short sighted and may even be even detrimental. 

There are so many questions around what it will take to support increased revenue. Does the infrastructure exists to support the new sales? What are the acquisition costs required for the additional revenue? What is the margin for the additional sales of products or services you are offering?

The first two questions are easily addressed by understanding your operations capacity and your marketing/ sales systems. Generally these are straightforward answers that can be calculated and determined with the right team. We will address these in subsequent posts. What we want to focus on in this post is the third question and the all important margin...

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Digital Marketing and Jerry McGuire Moments with Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis is the President and Founder of Anvil Media. He shares his story with you, along with some great insights into digital marketing for the Small Business Owner. Listen for his Jerry McGuire moment.

"My true passion is helping small businesses, of course the big clients pay the bills as well, but helping small businesses play against big companies and digital marketing flattens the field." -Kent Lewis

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Values and Beliefs Equals Behavior

If you find yourself with employees that are exhibiting behaviors that do not fit with the culture you are building, this post is for you. You have tried implementing policies and rules to 'help them' see what they should be doing differently. You speak to them from time to time yet nothing changes. You are frustrated!

Let's talk about why you may be hitting the proverbial wall. Why you cannot seem to get through. Why it seems so common sense, yet nothing changes. There are answers.

First, you as a leader or business owner must take ownership of the issue. 'What?!' You say, 'I'm not coming in late. I'm not the one taking a long lunch. I'm not the one who is doing less than my responsibilities. They are!' Maybe you aren't the one doing these things, however have you ever allowed them and not addressed them? If so, you did abdicate your responsibility as the leader.

You must make it clear with your expectations and then with your actions that their behaviors are not accepted. You do...

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How Taking Action in a Current Business Led to a New Business with Brian McRae

Brian McRae is a networking and relationship expert. He is a man of integrity and faith. He will walk you through how he identified a new business opportunity by taking action to grow his original business.

"I love sharing, I love teaching; it's really a coaching type event." -Brian McRae

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35 Years of Business Owner Experience and Lessons Learned with Patty Denny

Patty Denny and her husband ow and operate several Auto Collision Centers in the Pacific Northwest. She shares great insight into lessons learned along their journey. Listen for the one thing she would do differently.

"The small businesses had the challenge of competing against the big MSO's, now we are a bigger force to compete with the franchise." -Patty Denny

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Culture Fit for Hiring and Firing

Gregory answers the question of an existing employee of several years not complying with the new culture initiative and the business' new vision. He explains at one time this employee was a good employee and met the standard and now the company is moving in a different direction and has implemented clear expectations that this employee is struggling to meet.

"If an employee... whether they have been there ten plus years or whether they've been there only a few months an they don't meet the values of the organization, there is no fit." - Gregory Gray

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