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Plan for the Business Divorce before You Get Married with Autumn Witt Boyd - Episode 32


Well, we call it a divorce because it can be that painful, especially when unplanned. If you are in a business partnership, or have a working relationship with anyone, such as customers, employees, contractors or others; you need to be prepared. The divorce in all these instances can be made better with some preparation and understanding. So yes, you can and will have divorces in your business journey.

Agreements and Contracts

Holy Cow!,  as Harry Carey made famous, we see Business Owners without basic contracts every day. If you are that business owner, take warning, you are in jeopardy of finding out the true meaning of liability. Seriously, you need to stop and think through what you are risking by not having some simple agreements and contracts in place for your business. Without them you are leaving the door wide open for an expensive educational experience. Find an expert attorney and get them done. You will find a couple of resource ideas in the podcast from...

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What is Your Identity?


The Trap

One of the mindset traps I too often witness revolving around business owners is associating themselves with the success or failure of their businesses. It makes sense that this is such a commonality as business owners typically are ALL IN on their business. They have built it from the ground up many times through their own blood, sweat and tears. 

Business Owner, your heart and soul is wrapped around your business. Your time away from work, if there is such a thing, is often spent thinking about the business. It demands your thoughts, your time, and sometimes even your money. You give to the business often, if not constantly. It is demanding all of you.

You Are Not Your Business

I want you to hear this simple yet profound truth. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Even with all the demands of your business, it does not define you, unless you let it. Emotionally and mentally it is dangerous to allow the business to determine your worth. Your value to the world is much...

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On-Camera Confidence with Ian Rajkumar - Episode 30

 I Was Coached!

This episode is flipped on its head. I was the one being coached, and I loved it! The things we learned is much more than being confident on video. Here's what we discussed:

Social Suicide

Emotional Hacking

Logical vs. Emotional Brain

Our Reality and the Five Senses

The emotion destroyer technique

Listen to this conversation. You do not want to miss it.

The things he covers is applicable to you too. Listen in. 

I Was Transformed

If you listened to Episode 29, then you know I took Ian's course and subscribed to his coaching. I made the decision to do so after this coaching session you hear in Episode 30. I knew I had to do what my word for 2019 demands - commit. So I committed to jumping into this program, Get On Camera Confidence,  and I am glad I did. 

The 21 Day Program literally changed my life and business. I am so stoked about doing video now for our business. I am so relieved and so excited about the barriers I knocked down with Ian's help....

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What I Learned from Seth Godin and His Latest Book


Recently, I had the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Seth Godin and a few of my mastermind friends. We learned several key points from him as we discussed his latest book, This Is Marketing. His approach is always somewhat angular to the norm, so whether you agree with all he says or not, he does make one think. 

Remarkable Work

He commented that remarkable work comes from unusual priorities. I found this an interesting comment given that I do believe this and have experienced this myself. What he is saying is that to do better work for the world and to do things differently, even remarkable, we have to take a different approach than is common. Great discoveries are not made on the same path, or at least not by looking at the objects on that path as others see them. We have to look differently to see differently. 

Writing a Book

Most people have thought about writing a book. The last statistic I heard was over 70% of the people polled admitted to having a...

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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Episode 29

Getting Uncomfortable

Why is it critical to get uncomfortable? Growth. If we want go grow we have to move from the comfortable zone to the uncomfortable zone. It's necessary for positive change.

The Meaning 

When we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, it means that is our new normal. To constantly be in a state of improvement means we have to continuously live with the discomfort of trying new things. This has to be what we are comfortable doing, challenging ourselves. 

What Happens with Success

Once we accomplish or conquer something that was originally uncomfortable, it is now easy and comfortable. If we stay in the comfort zone, we stop progressing. So the answer is to get uncomfortable yet again. We have to keep challenging ourselves.

My Experience

My recent experience with being uncomfortable has to do with the quest I had to become confident on video. As you listen to the episode you can hear the story. It was a 21 day journey from fear to confidence. Once I...

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Persuasive Communication with Jeff Tippett - Episode 28

 Persuasive vs. Manipulative Communication

When attempting to use intentional communication to influence someone to take an action or change their behavior, we want to persuade and not manipulate. As Business Owners we fins ourselves leading others to take some action all the time. It is important we get this right, because if we manipulate we a short circuiting the communication process, described in the last blog and Episode 27 of the Business Owner Freedom Podcast. 

Are you manipulating or persuading? First let's describe manipulation. It is the coercion, tricking, or forcing of someone's decision. It is all about control. It is not allowing the voluntary decision making process, regardless of how it looks. In simple terms, it is putting someone in a corner with regards to their choices. Persuasion on the other hand is allowing the person to come to their decision voluntarily and without the overt influence or authority or threat. It is appealing to their heart, mind...

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Are You Communicating with Intention? - Episode 27

Effective Communication

Effective Communication is the key to a high performing team and company. Being intentional with your communication as a business owner and leader is critical to your success. Sure, you can find businesses with positive net income without regards to being intentional with their communication and culture, however they have a host of issues they deal with. Those businesses aren't usually enjoyable and their culture is lacking deep trust. They sure don't provide the freedom from chaos and overwhelm we desire. 




This is the communication process outlined in the episode. Look at the flow of this process. It starts on the left side with the speaker having a thought which is encoded. The message then travels through the environment to the listener. The listener then has to decode it and interpret it through their filters into their thoughts. The process continues through the feedback loop and around it goes. 


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It Started with One so Get in the Game with Matt Miller - Episode 26

The Coin Drop 

It takes getting in the game. It takes is the first step, because without that step, nothing else will happen. For Matt Miller, it started with one machine. When he heard the coins drop that first time, he was hooked. He went on to build a large and growing franchise business through that experience. He is adding value to the world everyday because he took the first step. What is your coin drop?

I can tell you my coin drop. It was the first coaching client I had in 2010. The look on his face when I helped provide him clarity and results hooked me for life. It was the one thing that pushed me to build a business around helping small business owners. It is what calls me everyday to add more value. And just like Matt hearing the coin drop over and over again, I still experience the same clarity moments in my coaching everyday. 

What is your coin drop? What is your one thing?

Get In the Game

Ironically, many of us with great and noble ideas flounder. We...

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Why Do People Behave the Way They Do? - Episode 25

Why do people behave the way the do? There is a simple formula that explains this clearly. Values plus Beliefs equals Behaviors. We need to define each part of this formula to fully understand it.

Values are the deeply instilled principles and standards. They are personal and make up your character. Some would say they are your morals and even your conscience. Values are strongly developed in your childhood and adolescence. So your family, friends and associates have a large impact on the values you construct in your formative years. Experiences, good or bad, also have an impact on your values. Typically a value is only changed or transformed if allowed by us, and through a trauma or an impactful experience. 

Beliefs can also build during the formative years as well. They are deconstructed and reconstructed as we go through life, however. It would be very difficult for me to change a deep seeded value without impacting you greatly, however I could present you with some facts...

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The Facebook Mystery Solved with Sally Hendrick - Episode 24

Are you seemingly stumped by all the advice and ideas you are given about Facebook marketing? Do you want to understand the basics of how it works for a local or national based small business? Me too! So, we asked Sally Hendrick to spend a few minutes with us to explain things.

We started our discussion with geo targeting ads. They are a great way to attract leads within a defined territory. These are great for local businesses or events. This is something you may try, to alert people within the zone of your choosing, to come try out your business. It's powerful because it is targeting them while they are in the area.

We also talked about using video in your ads. There are places for short 5 to 15 second videos and places for longer videos. Used properly, they both have specific advantages. Regardless, videos are growing in popularity and will only increase in the coming months and years.

Retargeting is an often overlooked, but an extremely necessary conversion tactic. This is...

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