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One of the Best Business Investments with Kari Coody

If you want to invest in something that not only helps you directly, but also adds value to your business; invest in your health. It will give you the energy and stamina to do what needs to be done, while working on your business.

Health starts with mindset.

Kari talks with us about learning, deciding and then taking action is the key to changing your health journey. You can either decide to change, which is what we recommend OR and event may force you to change. That is what happened to me in 2017. I had no choice but to change. I was stopped in my tracks and had to make smart choices quickly.

The Five Step Formula

This formula is what I eventually figured out on my own. I wish I had access to Kari and her course then. Well, you do. I suggest you find out more from her if you are interested in changing or need to change due to some health issues.

  1. See where you are at.
  2. Upgrade your eats.
  3. Customize your eats.
  4. Periodic cleansing.
  5. Cleansing your environment.

Go to the quiz she mentions here.

If you haven't found the need to get healthy before now, use the recent events to get interested. It will benefit you, your family and your business. Make it happen!

Her simple formula for house cleaning:

1/2 Vinegar, 1/2 water and several drops of your favorite citrus essential oil ( I choose lemon).

My last plea to you...eliminate stress. This is what set me down a path to an unhealthy lifestyle. I was not watching my dietary intake and I pushed through some stress, which in the end makes you more stressful. I have hit burnout before, and it isn't very pretty. It's actually deadly. 

If you need help in getting pointed toward a lifestyle of freedom, go to and create your Vision Story for a lifestyle of freedom for your business and life. We may not eliminate all stress, but we can sure lower the bar and help provide a healthier environment for you through freedom of time, income and purpose. 

Enjoy the Journey!



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