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Live Coaching Session on Business Transition with Victor Hallock

Business transition is a tough endeavor even for the experienced entrepreneur. It takes deep introspection and a willingness to admit that the original direction you were going may have been good but not great. However it can be exciting and enlightening as well.

Victor Hallock is a great example of someone who, while accomplishing much, has found that he has a burning desire and talent to go in a different direction. In our conversation on the podcast, it would be easy to assume that he made the wrong decision years ago to pursue his first business. That isn't necessarily so. Sometimes just starting and going in any direction is better than waiting. It actually helped Victor get to where he is today.

If you are a business owner that finds yourself in a business you really aren't passionate about or maybe even find you are burned out, don't feel trapped. There is always a way to find the business you were meant to own and love. I actually experienced this myself in my entrepreneur journey. If I had only know about a Vision Story then. 

I had always been enamored with owning an Insurance Agency. So in 2010, I bought one. It was a pretty large agency with good cash flow and an immediate need to dive right in. I did so with gusto, at least for the first year. Then it became boring and monotonous. I awoke at night in a cold sweat thinking about being trapped. I couldn't sell it fast enough. 

The interesting thing is that I had started my consulting business at the same time. By selling the agency, it gave me time and energy to focus on the consulting business which has become my true passion and calling. Had I not made the pivot, the transition, I would not be where I am today. Buying the agency is what gave me the assurance I could leave my corporate world to step out on my own. I knew I had a good income to support me while I started my entrepreneur journey. 

Had I not started and gone in that direction, I may had been trapped in the corporate space without offering my true 'genius' (read The Big Leap) to the world. I know what I am doing today, is where I am meant to be. Not only does my family enjoy the time freedom and income my profession creates, we enjoy the lifestyle match. 

If you are struggling in this area, I strongly suggest you go to our home page and grab the Vision Story pdf. Once you fill that out in detail, set a time to have us review it with you. It may just change your life. 

We will follow up in a few weeks on the progress Victor is making with his Vision Story. Listen in to the podcast each week for our expert guests and words of wisdom for business owners. Enjoy the Journey!


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