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Measure, Execute and Win with Alex Castro

Learn how to measure, execute and win with Alex Castro in this episode of the Business Owner Freedom podcast. Alex is an expert in Information Technology and Strategy. Listen to the show to learn more!

Here is what we covered in the show:

  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Avoiding Black Swans
  • Micro Management
  • Your business Readiness Score
  • Culture Clash
  • Swarm Technologies (AI)
  • How to get data effectively
  • Neutralizing the bias

From my experience, creating the proper measurements, using data correctly and remaining unbiased is the difference in a good strategic plan and a great strategic plan. We help businesses create strategic plans, many times their first one, on a regular basis. We know how daunting it can be when you've never done one before, or even experienced the process. We are here to help you if you need to get unstuck or need to formulate a session.

These are the affiliate links to the books mentioned in the show:

Measure, Execute, Win, by Alex Castro

Good to Great by Jim Collins

Built to Last by Jim Collins

To connect with Alex go to or

To reach us for help with your business, go to

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