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YouTube Marketing Mastery with Liz Germain

Liz Germain is a YouTube expert. Listen to this podcast to learn we all, as business owners, should be harnessing the power of video and specifically on YouTube. She walks us through how to get started.

Only 9% of small businesses use YouTube

YouTube is a powerful platform for several reasons:

1. Video is taking the lead in marketing.

2. Video is the best method, other than face to face, for others to get to know you. 

3. YouTube is a powerful search engine. And oh by the way, they are owned by the number one search engine - Google.

So how do we take advantage of YouTube in our businesses? Where do we start? Liz covers all that for us in this conversation. She discusses key word research and how that is critical. She also gives us the three types of content we should create:

  • Help - start here - how to, common challenges
  • Hub - post weekly
  • Hero - the why - creates an emotional connection

The key performance metrics to watch are watch time, percent completion and subscribes. We...

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How to Dominate the Local Market with Bradley Benner

In our conversation, Bradley and I discuss how to dominate the local market. Listen to hear Bradley's experiences and how he transformed from being a business owner to a marketing expert. 

The Three Main Areas to Focus On for Local Lead Generation

1. Reputation - The way you meet your brand promise is important. You must meet or exceed your brand promise everyday. The perception of past and current clients is important. The overall beliefs and opinions of those who have come in contact with your business is critical for future growth. 

2. SEO - Search Engine Optimization, specifically for Google, is a must to build an online presence. You need to focus on getting in the top three on the listings from the keyword searches that pertain to your product or service. 

3. Retargeting - This is the way you get continued visibility to those who have shown an interest in your product or service. As often is the case it takes many impressions before someone may trust your...

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Building Visibility, Brand and Reach by Speaking to an Audience of One with Annemarie Cross

Speaking to an Audience of One

When Annemarie said the phrase "speaking to an audience of one" during the episode, it was the perfect summary of all we had been talking about in our conversation. When we are writing copy, recording a podcast or creating an email 'blast'; we should be speaking to one person. In episode 30, as I was describing my journey to getting better doing videos, part of the success I achieved was due to speaking to one person only. We always need to be intentional in doing that. They will feel it through the medium you are using as your are speaking to them. 

"Every single message needs to deliver value." - Annemarie Cross 

Messaging is Important

The importance of messaging cannot be understated. When communicating with your audience and clients, it is imperative to be crystal clear. Even if you find you have a message that resonates with your audience, but it pulls them away from your core business, you must make a change. The message and the...

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Up My Influence with Josh Elledge

Increasing Your Influence

The conversation with Josh Elledge, from Up My Influence, was extraordinary as we walked through how to increase our influence as business owners. His experience and wisdom on the subject shown through in this episode.  Listen to get his inside secrets on how to make it happen.

Important Points We Covered

  • Authority and why it is the most valuable commodity.
  • Branding and how to structure it.
  • The importance of the profile. 
  • Influencer marketing and how to handle them.
  • The best way to serve.
  • What to say to Journalists.
  • His secret sauce.

Books he recommended:

Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer

Known by Mark Schaefer

Tool he recommended:

Contact Josh at

Enjoy the Journey!





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What I Learned from Seth Godin and His Latest Book


Recently, I had the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Seth Godin and a few of my mastermind friends. We learned several key points from him as we discussed his latest book, This Is Marketing. His approach is always somewhat angular to the norm, so whether you agree with all he says or not, he does make one think. 

Remarkable Work

He commented that remarkable work comes from unusual priorities. I found this an interesting comment given that I do believe this and have experienced this myself. What he is saying is that to do better work for the world and to do things differently, even remarkable, we have to take a different approach than is common. Great discoveries are not made on the same path, or at least not by looking at the objects on that path as others see them. We have to look differently to see differently. 

Writing a Book

Most people have thought about writing a book. The last statistic I heard was over 70% of the people polled admitted to having a...

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The Facebook Mystery Solved with Sally Hendrick

Are you seemingly stumped by all the advice and ideas you are given about Facebook marketing? Do you want to understand the basics of how it works for a local or national based small business? Me too! So, we asked Sally Hendrick to spend a few minutes with us to explain things.

We started our discussion with geo targeting ads. They are a great way to attract leads within a defined territory. These are great for local businesses or events. This is something you may try, to alert people within the zone of your choosing, to come try out your business. It's powerful because it is targeting them while they are in the area.

We also talked about using video in your ads. There are places for short 5 to 15 second videos and places for longer videos. Used properly, they both have specific advantages. Regardless, videos are growing in popularity and will only increase in the coming months and years.

Retargeting is an often overlooked, but an extremely necessary conversion tactic. This is...

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