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What I Learned from Seth Godin and His Latest Book

Apr 04, 2019


Recently, I had the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Seth Godin and a few of my mastermind friends. We learned several key points from him as we discussed his latest book, This Is Marketing. His approach is always somewhat angular to the norm, so whether you agree with all he says or not, he does make one think. 

Remarkable Work

He commented that remarkable work comes from unusual priorities. I found this an interesting comment given that I do believe this and have experienced this myself. What he is saying is that to do better work for the world and to do things differently, even remarkable, we have to take a different approach than is common. Great discoveries are not made on the same path, or at least not by looking at the objects on that path as others see them. We have to look differently to see differently. 

Writing a Book

Most people have thought about writing a book. The last statistic I heard was over 70% of the people polled admitted to having a...

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The Facebook Mystery Solved with Sally Hendrick - Episode 24

Mar 15, 2019

Are you seemingly stumped by all the advice and ideas you are given about Facebook marketing? Do you want to understand the basics of how it works for a local or national based small business? Me too! So, we asked Sally Hendrick to spend a few minutes with us to explain things.

We started our discussion with geo targeting ads. They are a great way to attract leads within a defined territory. These are great for local businesses or events. This is something you may try, to alert people within the zone of your choosing, to come try out your business. It's powerful because it is targeting them while they are in the area.

We also talked about using video in your ads. There are places for short 5 to 15 second videos and places for longer videos. Used properly, they both have specific advantages. Regardless, videos are growing in popularity and will only increase in the coming months and years.

Retargeting is an often overlooked, but an extremely necessary conversion tactic. This is...

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