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Building Visibility, Brand and Reach by Speaking to an Audience of One with Annemarie Cross

Speaking to an Audience of One

When Annemarie said the phrase "speaking to an audience of one" during the episode, it was the perfect summary of all we had been talking about in our conversation. When we are writing copy, recording a podcast or creating an email 'blast'; we should be speaking to one person. In episode 30, as I was describing my journey to getting better doing videos, part of the success I achieved was due to speaking to one person only. We always need to be intentional in doing that. They will feel it through the medium you are using as your are speaking to them. 

"Every single message needs to deliver value." - Annemarie Cross 

Messaging is Important

The importance of messaging cannot be understated. When communicating with your audience and clients, it is imperative to be crystal clear. Even if you find you have a message that resonates with your audience, but it pulls them away from your core business, you must make a change. The message and the mission must be congruent. 

Monetize the Message

Finding a way to monetize the message is something internet business owners often talk about. However, it also applies to service, brick and mortar and product businesses as well. When you submit a message to the market place, you must be focused on how the monetization process will work. Do you have a call to action or have you described the next step they need to take? If not, find a way to do it. 

Know You, Like You and Trust You

You have likely heard that people buy from those they know, like and trust. While that's true, the question that remains is how do we build the trust. In this episode, we discuss using a three part series of helpful advice for serving your customers. While we describe a way to do that with a podcast, it can be done in many mediums. Think about emails, videos, workshops, or any other way that fits your business. Try giving away valuable information to your clients and potential customers to build trust by establishing your status as an expert. Remember, at the end of the day, your are building relationships. 

Productize or Systematize

One of the best ways to create a unique proposition and differentiation is through creating a product or system out of a service. Make it as simple as possible for the client to understand and to engage. Confused people do not buy. Package the service or information you are attempting to sell into a system. Describe the system and what they will get from that productized offering. In the end, they are buying the results they desire. Help them get the service they need by packaging it so they can understand it and at the same time you are differentiating your business as you are the only one offering that specific offering. 

Enjoy the Journey!


Annemarie's book is Industry Thought Leader.

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