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Your Business is in a Spiral! with Amy Simpkins

Amy's book Spiral

We have an incredible conversation with Amy Simpkins about the Spiral, which also happens to be the title of her book. Find out where your business is in the spiral and how to harness that to make a positive and innovative impact on your business. 

Everyone Is An Innovator

Whether we are right brain or left brain driven, whether a data minded or creative minded person; we are all innovators. As innovators we are constantly evolving our businesses to add value to our specific market. While innovating one of the keys to success is to fail fast. Seemingly contradictory to success, failing fast means we can move quickly to find the right solution versus taking an extended period to analyze the outcome. Taking action swiftly, and learning from that action is the key. 

Four Phases Within the Spiral

1. Inspiration

2. Implementation

3. Investigation

4. Interrogation

While these phases have a progression, you can move back and forth between these phases depending...

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Are You an Exponential Entrepreneur? with George Bandarian

Are You an Exponential Entrepreneur?

Listen to this conversation with George Bandarian to find out if you are an exponential entrepreneur. He describes an exponential entrepreneur as one that can go from start up to exit without a lot of stress, while maximizing valuation. As the advance of technology increases, learning the skills of the exponential mindset will be important.

The Five Key Areas

1. Purpose

2. Mind

3. Body

4. Family

5. Health

The exponential entrepreneur is also one who maintains the key areas of his/her life. It is important to maintain self-care, the priorities or life and energy, so the business can be maximized. A business owner with misplaced priorities will never maximize what can be accomplished.


George and I discussed several areas of technology that are important to keep track of as they continue to advance. Here is a list of some of the common growth areas

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles...
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Your Idea Can Become a Movement! with Dane Short

A Simple Idea can be Big!

Dane Short tells us in our conversation about a simple idea his mom had when she was creating a doodle. He goes on in the story to tell how that one idea sparked a few more thoughts from others and eventually a business. All it took was that one spark and then the oxygen from some other people to ignite a fire that is burning bright today. 

What idea do you have, that with a little oxygen, could turn into a raging fire of opportunity?

 How to Create a Movement

Zymbol, the name of their product and company, is now a movement. How did that happen? First, they started with grass roots level marketing and engagement. This helped them truly understand their market and what was attractive about their product. This method, while not the on-line dynamic stuff we hear hear from the so called experts, is the best way to get started albeit a slow process. It endears you to your customers and ensures that you really understand the story to tell. 


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