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Your Business is in a Spiral! with Amy Simpkins

Amy's book Spiral

We have an incredible conversation with Amy Simpkins about the Spiral, which also happens to be the title of her book. Find out where your business is in the spiral and how to harness that to make a positive and innovative impact on your business. 

Everyone Is An Innovator

Whether we are right brain or left brain driven, whether a data minded or creative minded person; we are all innovators. As innovators we are constantly evolving our businesses to add value to our specific market. While innovating one of the keys to success is to fail fast. Seemingly contradictory to success, failing fast means we can move quickly to find the right solution versus taking an extended period to analyze the outcome. Taking action swiftly, and learning from that action is the key. 

Four Phases Within the Spiral

1. Inspiration

2. Implementation

3. Investigation

4. Interrogation

While these phases have a progression, you can move back and forth between these phases depending on what is needed at the moment. The important thing to understand is what phase you currently are in and the fact that the process continues. 

As you and your team progress through the phases of the spiral, each phase demands its own kind of focus and attention. To continue to have inspirations while implementing, and more importantly succumbing to them, is akin to what a lot of entrepreneurs have experienced with the 'shiny penny' syndrome. 

"Our Society doesn't like to trust intuition". - Amy Simpkins


While data is very important to the decision process, the ultimate strength of relying on intuition is possibly even more important. The data will point you in the right direction. However, the ability to use intuitive strengths will help to form an even better decisions. We as business owners and leaders need to use our intuition more. How many times have you not 'listened to your gut', as we say, and then regret it later? It is all too common. Let's embrace the humanness and use our God given instincts in forming our decisions. 

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