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Your Idea Can Become a Movement! with Dane Short

A Simple Idea can be Big!

Dane Short tells us in our conversation about a simple idea his mom had when she was creating a doodle. He goes on in the story to tell how that one idea sparked a few more thoughts from others and eventually a business. All it took was that one spark and then the oxygen from some other people to ignite a fire that is burning bright today. 

What idea do you have, that with a little oxygen, could turn into a raging fire of opportunity?

 How to Create a Movement

Zymbol, the name of their product and company, is now a movement. How did that happen? First, they started with grass roots level marketing and engagement. This helped them truly understand their market and what was attractive about their product. This method, while not the on-line dynamic stuff we hear hear from the so called experts, is the best way to get started albeit a slow process. It endears you to your customers and ensures that you really understand the story to tell. 

Dane and his team have learned through the tough trial and error of grass roots marketing how to tell their story. They have found the emotional connection with their customers. They literally started a movement by, as Dane said it best, "turning our story into their story." When your customers find themselves emulating your story and wanting to be a part of that story, you have a movement.  

Zymbol has been so impactful that they have people, eighty-five as of this interview that they know of, that have tattooed the symbol on their bodies. The emotional connection and meaning must be great for that to happen. As an entrepreneur, wouldn't it be great to have such a strong following? You can by building emotional connection.

Why Your Business Culture is Key

Let me tell you a little secret about Dane and Zymbol. This is the reason I believe they are so successfully connecting with their 'followers'. They truly believe in the value of their customer. Dane exclaims that their team values the fact that people are spending part of their lives when they hand money to them for a Zymbol. They know that people traded their time for the money and in turn their money for the Zymbol. That is something precious that Dane and team do not take lightly.

The movement has become so strong that they now have Zymbologists. These are the people that are so in tune and believe so highly in what Zymbol stands for that they want to spread the message. The cool thing about the message is that they can make it their own. 

The other thing about Zymbol that endears them to their tribe of followers is their spirit of giving. So while they already provide tremendous value to their tribe and emotionally connect by providing deep meaning, they go a step further and give back to the community as well. This willingness to touch others lives, such as children's hospitals, gives deeper meaning to what Zymbol means to all. 


What is Zymbol?

To find out more about Zymbol, go to their website. You will find the design clean and neat with the powerful meaning you want to give it all your own. I can tell you this, it was a simple idea that has impacted many people in a very positive way. If you decide to purchase a Zymbol and want to let us know what meaning you give it, let us know at [email protected]. We would love to hear your Zymbol story!

What Action Can You Take?

What have you learned from this conversation with Dane? How are you going to implement one thing you have learned? Maybe you desire to create a stronger following for your business - then connect emotionally. Maybe you want to create a movement - then connect them to your story. Maybe you want to do more grass roots activities - then get out there and connect face to face. Whatever you took away from this episode, you can do it. 

If you have an idea that you've been holding back on, take a step today. Share it with someone to start the process of gathering oxygen for the fire. Stop holding back in the fear and step out in faith. Go make it happen!

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Enjoy the Journey!



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