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On-Camera Confidence with Ian Rajkumar

 I Was Coached!

This episode is flipped on its head. I was the one being coached, and I loved it! The things we learned is much more than being confident on video. Here's what we discussed:

Social Suicide

Emotional Hacking

Logical vs. Emotional Brain

Our Reality and the Five Senses

The emotion destroyer technique

Listen to this conversation. You do not want to miss it.

The things he covers is applicable to you too. Listen in. 

I Was Transformed

If you listened to Episode 29, then you know I took Ian's course and subscribed to his coaching. I made the decision to do so after this coaching session you hear in Episode 30. I knew I had to do what my word for 2019 demands - commit. So I committed to jumping into this program, Get On Camera Confidence,  and I am glad I did. 

The 21 Day Program literally changed my life and business. I am so stoked about doing video now for our business. I am so relieved and so excited about the barriers I knocked down with Ian's help....

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