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Personal Accountability via the QBQ with John G. Miller - Episode 21


Personal Accountability must start with the Business Owner. As the leader, you are required to set the example that you want your team to emulate. As John G. Miller says so clearly, "It all comes back to the Business Owner. " 

When you hear the questions that begin with 'why', 'when' or the all too often 'who', you know that personal accountability is lacking. If you find yourself using these questions, you need to look inward for the reason for the lack of taking responsibility. Reading the book QBQ is a great place to start to change your mindset. 

The powerful and personally accountable based questions begin with 'what' or 'how". For example, "what can I do". John clearly outlines the personally accountable formula.

When you find yourself overwhelmed and in chaos as a business owner, it is all too easy to shift into the victim mindset. It's easy to cast blame, look for excuses and explain away why things didn't get accomplished. If you find yourself in...

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