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Life Transitions and Self Care with Janet McMahan - Episode 33

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I will not rehash the story, shared within this episode, in this post of the incredible transition that occurred in my life due to an encounter and experience. You just need to listen in to hear it. It involved our guest, Janet McMahan, an accomplished artist, creator and friend and a well known public figure, Zig Ziglar. You need to listen to her wisdom, as it applies to all of us. For men and women alike, she gives us wisdom for our life journey.

Life Transitions

Life truly does have seasons. We go from one thing to another and experience so many things, some really tough and some extraordinary. Janet exhibits the persistence that can help us 'create' extraordinary moments. Listen to her story about how she stalked (in a good way) Zig Ziglar. The effort paid off as she joined forces with him to create something incredible. That creation impacted me and has me writing this blog today. Had she not done what she did, I would not be sharing this with you forty, yes it...

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