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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - Episode 29

Apr 03, 2019

Getting Uncomfortable

Why is it critical to get uncomfortable? Growth. If we want go grow we have to move from the comfortable zone to the uncomfortable zone. It's necessary for positive change.

The Meaning 

When we get comfortable with being uncomfortable, it means that is our new normal. To constantly be in a state of improvement means we have to continuously live with the discomfort of trying new things. This has to be what we are comfortable doing, challenging ourselves. 

What Happens with Success

Once we accomplish or conquer something that was originally uncomfortable, it is now easy and comfortable. If we stay in the comfort zone, we stop progressing. So the answer is to get uncomfortable yet again. We have to keep challenging ourselves.

My Experience

My recent experience with being uncomfortable has to do with the quest I had to become confident on video. As you listen to the episode you can hear the story. It was a 21 day journey from fear to confidence. Once I...

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