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Lifestyle Business Owner with Aaron Muller - Episode 22


As a Business Owner, most likely you started your business to find freedom of income, time and purpose. Today we talked with Aaron Muller about exactly how to become a Lifestyle Business Owner. In his book, The Lifestyle Business Owner, he clearly articulates the steps required to do so. 

It takes planning, action and some good fortune along the way to find the right business or businesses for you and the lifestyle you desire. It also requires experts that you can plug into as guides and mentors to help you shorten the cycle to success. Aaron is very clear that one of the best decisions he made along the way was to hire a consultant and coach to guide is actions for a business he purchased. 

Whether you are business savvy, formally educated or not; business success is possible with hard work, following some timeless principles and with guidance. Finding or hiring a mentor, someone who knows the way, is a powerful way to learn. You will need several key people...

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