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Why Do People Behave the Way They Do?

Why do people behave the way the do? There is a simple formula that explains this clearly. Values plus Beliefs equals Behaviors. We need to define each part of this formula to fully understand it.

Values are the deeply instilled principles and standards. They are personal and make up your character. Some would say they are your morals and even your conscience. Values are strongly developed in your childhood and adolescence. So your family, friends and associates have a large impact on the values you construct in your formative years. Experiences, good or bad, also have an impact on your values. Typically a value is only changed or transformed if allowed by us, and through a trauma or an impactful experience. 

Beliefs can also build during the formative years as well. They are deconstructed and reconstructed as we go through life, however. It would be very difficult for me to change a deep seeded value without impacting you greatly, however I could present you with some facts...

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