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You CAN Have It ALL! with Matthew Bivens

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Matthew Bivens. This is a must listen and must share episode. It still does me good to listen to it. It will challenge and uplift you at the same time! Here are a few of the things we discussed.

Finding Our Purpose

Listen in to the conversation with Matthew and how he walks us through how to find our purpose. This is so important to each of us as we many times get stuck when we do not know what our purpose is. I really like what he wants us to ask..."what do you want to experience in life?" It not only is a better question than what our purpose might be, but it is also a way to get unstuck.

Define Success

We talk about the small 's' and the big 'S' of success. It is important for you to define what success means to you. If we let the world define our success, we can easily be derailed from the paths we should be on. Defining what success means to you is your responsibility. 

"Being intentional on what you want to experience." - Matthew Bivens


Can you have it ALL? Of course you can. Matthew defines ALL as 'abundant loving life'. That is the goal, to have an abundant loving life. So how do we do that? First, we have to be personally accountable. Secondly, we have to use our definition of success to outline a plan for our life. We also have to protect our personal integrity by structuring proper agreements. Lastly, we need to be careful to not sacrifice ourselves or our families for our business. We have to keep the important things up front and protect them. 

"Your life works to the degree you keep your agreements." - Werner Erhard


The books mentioned in the conversation:

The One Thing by Keller

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey

QBQ! The Question Behind the Question by Miller

Contact Matthew Bivens via email

Matthew's website

Enjoy the Journey!


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