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Which is More Important, Vision or Action?

The Chicken or the Egg? 

Ah, the age old question about which comes first? When it comes to Vision and Action, Vision comes first...doesn't it? Well, hold on a minute. Sometimes you have to take action to clarify your vision. However, action without a vision is futile. Maybe we need both. 

Vision and Action are partners

Just like a team of horses working together, Vision and Action belong together. It takes both working in a symbiotic relationship for each to reach their potential. They both have to do the work for which they were intended. Vision without action is just a pipe dream. It will never become a reality. It will sputter and die. Action without Vision is wasted effort. It may take you in the wrong direction. Sure, you may accomplish some things but they won't get you where you want to go in the long run. 

Clear Vision

The Vision Story process we discussed in the podcast is intended to guide you to clarity. As you form the vision you have for your business, many things will come into focus. There will be many things that you will say "no" to that you wouldn't have before. There are epiphanies you will have that you never thought about before. Your priorities will become all too clear. 

The Seven Key Steps to a Vision Story

  1. Term
  2. Family, Friends and Freedom
  3. Financials
  4. Products and Services
  5. People
  6. Clients / Customers
  7. Culture

Once created. the Vision Story must be detailed, in writing and shared with the team. Why do we share it? It's a necessity to do so the team can run in the direction you have set. They have to know where you are headed so they can go in the same direction. Their energy and resources need to be dialed into the plan you are outlining. Your people are craving to know. They want their leader to share with them your desires.


Defining the vision for your business is just the beginning. Now it's time to take action. You must set your priorities, and those of your team, to match the vision. An action plan is critical and implementation is necessary. Without taking the steps toward the Vision, it will fade away. Doing so seems easy however there are endless distractions disguised as chaos and overwhelm that compete with your attention. Stay the course, focus and move forward with certainty.

Enjoy the Journey,


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