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What Kind of Leader Are You?

Three Basic Types of Leaders

There are three basic types of leaders we see on a regular basis. There are many more types and sub types for sure, but these are the typical ones we see.

1. Command and Control - these are the 'old school' leaders that were made infamous in the 70's and 80's by some of the most well known CEO's. While these leaders can get results, they can leave a wake of carnage in their path. 

2. Weak or Selfish - these are the leaders that put their need to be liked above the need of the business or the people. They may calm recent discord, but in the long run they don't accomplish much nor create a joyful culture. 

3. Humble and Gracious - these are the leaders that while still driving for results, can find a way to do so by respecting others and being kind. In the end, they will accomplish much, while building a team. 

Do You Know How You Are Perceived?

There are two basic perceptions of your leadership style, yours and theirs. Do they match? It is likely that what you perceive and what others perceive have some differences. Let's work on closing that gap. 

Have you had honest conversations with those you work with about your leadership? If you do ask, do they trust you enough to tell you the truth? Can you remember a time recently where someone may have been giving you clues, but you weren't listening - maybe even on purpose?

How Can You Know Your Style?

First, start with yourself. Dig into you and learn all you can about you. We recommend a DISC profile as a great place to start. It will show your behavior tendencies, along with your strengths and weaknesses. If you are interested in learning more about this, send us an email at [email protected]. We can administer a comprehensive profile with a follow up call to explain it. 

Secondly, use the stop-start-continue survey I described in the podcast. It will open the gates to information from your team that can be life changing for you and them. This is the best way I've seen to get the conversation started in low trust environments. if you would like for us to administer a more comprehensive 360 degree review, reach out to us at [email protected]

Lastly, we talked about letting go to grow by allowing someone else to lead in certain situations. Try rotating the leadership responsibility to others on the team in different situations. Take advantage of opportunities to see how they respond to different styles of leadership. You may just very well learn something extremely valuable. 

Leadership is Simple

Truly leadership can be simple. If you love and care for your people, respect them and are gracious, they will respond in kind. To be the humble leader does not mean to be weak in any way. It means to be honest, transparent and forthright in all communication with your people. After all, they are working with you and for you by sacrificing some of their God given time on this earth to help you on your mission. Honor them for that!

Enjoy the Journey!


You can always reach us at if we can help you along your journey in any way.

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