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What is Your Identity?


The Trap

One of the mindset traps I too often witness revolving around business owners is associating themselves with the success or failure of their businesses. It makes sense that this is such a commonality as business owners typically are ALL IN on their business. They have built it from the ground up many times through their own blood, sweat and tears. 

Business Owner, your heart and soul is wrapped around your business. Your time away from work, if there is such a thing, is often spent thinking about the business. It demands your thoughts, your time, and sometimes even your money. You give to the business often, if not constantly. It is demanding all of you.

You Are Not Your Business

I want you to hear this simple yet profound truth. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS. Even with all the demands of your business, it does not define you, unless you let it. Emotionally and mentally it is dangerous to allow the business to determine your worth. Your value to the world is much more than your business.

Businesses come and go. They are bought and sold. A business, in the end, is just a tool to accomplish an outcome. It can provide income but it doesn't live without people. It is not a living breathing being without your team. It exists to serve you. 

Don't allow fear of competition, fear of losing, fear of __________, (you fill in the blank), suck you into giving in to your business. Again, I will say, you are not your business. Your business is just one piece of your life. It is something that you may deem important and alluring, but it is not who you are. 

You are Worth So Much More

You are a mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, friend, neighbor and/or significant other. The people you influence that are represented by these roles look to you for things that are so much more important than any business could ever be. Your business cannot love or touch these people the way that you can. It cannot be who you are. By giving your business the right to define you, you lessen who you are. You are worth so much more!

Your Identity

Focus on your growth. Focus on the progress you are making as a business owner. Move from fear to faith by taking decisive planned action in all you do surrounding your business. Construct the mindset that your business is nothing more than a tool to complete the mission you embarked on. If your business does not have a clear mission, then you must identify what it is, now. Your business mission is the reason why it exists. Create that and focus on your mission. 

Reframe in your mind, starting today, who you are in relation to your business. If you sold or lost your business tomorrow, it shouldn't take away from who you are. In actuality is doesn't, so don't let it. This is all within your mind and how you choose to think. Create an identity that is much bigger and more important than you business. The world needs you and the talents God gave uniquely to you. Please be the best YOU that you can be by stepping on a higher plane that where your business lives. 

 If we can help you in any way. reach out to us. There are resources at Join a mastermind. Solicit a coach. Talk to a friend. Do whatever it takes to become all you can be. 

Enjoy the Journey!


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