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The Powerful Art of Delegation

Delegation is Art

Art can be described as the result of the process of creation. As the dictionary describes it, art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination". That is exactly what delegation is as it relates to leadership. Delegation can be considered powerful art as it not only results in creation from the leader, it also creates something much greater within the people.

Delegation is Powerful 

Power can be described as 'great strength' or as I like to say, the proper use of force. Delegation is definitely a powerful force for good when the process of delegation is followed correctly. It builds trust, grows the team and alleviates stress from you, the business leader. It allows you to do the more powerful aspects of your role. 

How to Delegate 

There is a sure fire way to undermine the power of delegation. Do it the wrong way. Short cut the process or micromanage and you would be better not to delegate at all. In actuality, that really isn't delegating. That is abdigating your responsibility. Don't ever do that as a leader!

So how do we do it the right way? You must be very clear in your communication to the party you are delegating to. They need to know your expectations, and the results required. They need to understand clearly the due date and the output expected.

You as the leader must allow them to accept personal accountability for the project or action. You can hold them responsible, but only they can hold themselves accountable. You must also hold some of the responsibility yourself. They may be doing the work, however you have a responsibility to ensure their success. You must use the toll gate process of checking in with them to make sure they are on the right track. 

The goal as a leader is to leverage yourself  by working with and through other people. You can only grow your business as far as you are willing to let go. Find capable people with the right attitude, character and commitment and then support them with the proper tools and resources. Get out of their way, except to check in from time to time to be sure they are progressing. Be their advocate. 

You also must give them proper authority. Authority to make decisions is a critical piece of the delegation process. Giving them responsibility without authority is a set up. Don't do that to your people. Give them full authority along with the responsibility and your support and watch them soar. 

Delegate for Them

In the end, while delegation supports you gaining more time freedom and the growth of the business, do it for your team. Great people yearn for more responsibility and the accompanying authority. They desire to be challenged and grow. They want to grow with the company and become the leaders they can be. 

If you have questions on delegation, listen to the podcast and then reach out to us at [email protected] if you need additional help.

Enjoy the Journey!


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