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Juggling Life


I heard something today while traveling in Washington, D.C. that was a great reminder for me. A gentleman spoke about the key and most important balls we juggle in our lives. The balls of work, family, health, spirit, and relationships.

We can all have opinions, and should, about the specific balls in our life. We each must identify what is most important to us, and those things that are most important should receive the most of our attention. However you prioritize these important aspects in your life, the point is the same. One of these balls is rubber. Work is definitely a rubber ball. If we drop it, make a mistake, it can bounce back. We need to treat it as important, however, it can bounce. The other balls are glass. If we drop those they don't bounce, but break.

While our work is important, we cannot forsake our families, health, spirits, or relationships for the sake of the rubber ball. We must take breaks from work and let it bounce while we nurture the glass balls. At the end of our days, we will be known for only a few things. Let's only let work be on the list if all the other ones are on there first.

Go be Great!!

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