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It Started with One so Get in the Game with Matt Miller

The Coin Drop 

It takes getting in the game. It takes is the first step, because without that step, nothing else will happen. For Matt Miller, it started with one machine. When he heard the coins drop that first time, he was hooked. He went on to build a large and growing franchise business through that experience. He is adding value to the world everyday because he took the first step. What is your coin drop?

I can tell you my coin drop. It was the first coaching client I had in 2010. The look on his face when I helped provide him clarity and results hooked me for life. It was the one thing that pushed me to build a business around helping small business owners. It is what calls me everyday to add more value. And just like Matt hearing the coin drop over and over again, I still experience the same clarity moments in my coaching everyday. 

What is your coin drop? What is your one thing?

Get In the Game

Ironically, many of us with great and noble ideas flounder. We continue to think and talk about our great ideas. We continue to research and prospect. We delay the extraordinary because we don't think we are ready. We delay helping others.

The only way we can help others, serve others and build the business we envision is by starting. We have to 'get in the game'. As Matt did, just start. He started with one machine, then it grew. The key is the one thing, that very first step for you. Maybe it is the first blog post, the first podcast, the first client, the fill in the blank.

Start Now

What is it that you have talked long enough about? What idea have you resisted trying because you may fail. Likely you will fail. So what? Do it anyway. As Matt said,

"Don't be too high on the idea you got to begin with."

The market will ultimately determine if you are right or not. The people you intend to serve will vote with their dollars on whether this solves their problem or add value to their day. The market is full of ideas that were brought to them but wasn't for them. Just start, fail, redirect and try again. 

This is for Mature Businesses Too

You say you aren't in start up mode so this doesn't apply to you. "Hogwash", as we say in the country. It is for you. It is for all businesses. This may even be more important for the mature business to grasp. Why? Because you constantly see opportunities pass by that you could take advantage of.

As Matt and team is doing, they are now embarking on a new journey in the digital space with their company. They are seizing on an opportunity to expand their influence by adding tremendous value to the people they are already serving. So as a mature business, sometime you have to 'get in the game' again. The death of many a business comes from not morphing into where the market is taking you. 

You have to always be willing to try and fail. It is even more important for the mature companies, so they do not become stagnant. 

What got you there won't keep you there. 

We all have seen the companies that have been disrupted and that have disappeared because they didn't change with the market. One of the best examples is Kodak. They actually developed (pun intended) digital photography long before it became popular. They decided to not bring it forward as it may cannibalize sales from the film business. So they didn't try. The thought it would be a failure. What they did not know was how right and wrong they were all at the same time. They didn't start. 

The Journey

You, Business Owner, are on a journey. They journey began with one step. Thank you for taking that step. Thank you for adding value to this world. Now what is your next step? What have you delayed in trying? What are you going to do and fail this month or this week? What can you do to start the next journey? Please go do it and try. We need the valuable service or product you can bring to the market place. I guarantee you we, the market, will review it and give you honest feedback. Our dollar votes don't tell lies. 

Enjoy the Journey!

PS - Matt referenced the book Rich Dad Poor Dad in the podcast , which is one of my favorites, and I highly recommend it. 


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