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Is the Bear about to Get You?! with Dave Fuller

The Bear

In this episode, the Bear story is real. Yes, Dave and his friends faced a bear. Obviously he survived, but it could have turned out differently. You and I as business owners also face a bear of a different kind, but just as potentially deadly. Can you guess what it is?


You got it. The bear we face is stress. This bear almost took me out a few years ago. It can sneak up on you just like a bear in the woods. Seemingly it can come out of left field. It is a silent killer as it affects each of us differently. Some of us cope with different kind of dependencies that don't suit us well. Some of us just buckle down and work harder (I'm raising my hand), which is exactly the opposite of what we should do. 


There are many things we can do to combat stress. The best is rest. Yes sleep, rest and recovery are critical to our health. "But wait! We have all this work to do." Yep, that's exactly what I said, until my body forced me to shut down. Listen to me -  from first hand experience, I can tell you that it would be better to plan it than to be forced to shut down. I almost lost my business and my life. No kidding.

Here is a list of things I have found help me alleviate stress:

  • Sleep - I need 7 to 8 hours. You may need more or less.
  • Exercise - Daily exercise five to six days a week. It is a must.
  • Nutrition - I eat a Paleo based diet with grass fed meat. 
  • Meditation - I pray, visualize and journal daily.
  • Supplementation - I take high quality nutritional supplements. 
  • Detox - I detox my body and brain once a month.
  • Attitude of Gratitude - this will literally change your life. 
  • Time Blocks - I perform my work to a schedule.
  • Values - I live my values of faith, family, fitness, finances and fun. 
  • Fiscally responsible - we live within our means and grow our businesses. 

What Do I Do?

If you are unhealthy, stressed, unhappy, consumed with chaos, overwhelmed or just flat burned out, reach out to someone today. Get into a mastermind for direction and accountability. Hire a coach that can guide you through the woods. Either a Life Coach or Business Coach may be beneficial, or both. We find it prudent to work on both. Business and Life are one in the same after all. Your business should be supporting the lifestyle you desire. if you find yourself serving the business more than it is serving you, it's time to make a change.

As Dave professes, a profitable business is less stressful than and unprofitable one. If you want to work on your business, reach out to one of us. We are here to help.

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Enjoy the Journey!


Love Work. Love Life

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