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Are You Investing Outside Your Business? with Paul Moore

Up or Down, there is a Way

One thing that is clear in this conversation with Paul Moore, there is always a way to success no matter the circumstance. He shows us that through sharing his journey. He had great success, failure and then success again along the way.

The key is to remain persistent and continue learning. Do not give up and keep doing the work. Sometimes you even have to be a little unconventional in your thoughts and methods. 

Know Yourself

One of the keys to achieving success is knowing yourself. To know your strengths, your weaknesses and what you are apt to learn and do is critical. As a leader, or an entrepreneur, knowing yourself is paramount to making the right directional changes and pivots. In the area of investment, it is also true.

Turn It Around by Giving

Paul found himself in a hole of debt, even after achieving success. He learned as much from that journey, if not more, than from the success. He shared with us how he unconventionally turned around by giving his way out of debt.  

As seemingly contradictory as that sounds, it is not only possible but a wise way to approach life. By giving and focusing on others we shift from a depressed state to a gracious state. There is always someone we can help. This attitude shift can be the beginning to a cascade of change and fortune.

When we focus on serving others, we gain from the mental as well as spiritual benefits. By having a need bigger than ourselves, it fuels our energy and conviction. It gives us a WHY.

The Big Why

 A Big Why will drive you to take continuous action that you otherwise may not take. When you wake up in the morning, it pushes you to get to work. It is the undertow of purpose that pushes you to do more. It can be the difference in being successfully content and highly motivated to do more. 

What is your Big Why? There can be more than one Big Why that impacts your heart and soul. Is it your family? Is it a cause you want to support? If you don't know what your Big Why is or haven't even give it thought, I would recommend you do so. 

Start by finding a way you would like to serve the world. Look at things around you that you want to change. See how others need to be served. Look inside yourself and see what fires you up, in spite of money or success. Who do you want to help in the world?

Investing as a Tool

Paul speaks to us about how to invest. He gives us some valuable insights in our conversation about how to begin to transition some of our business earnings into passive investments. Not only will having investments help us along our journey, we can also use them to support our Big Why. 

When listening to this podcast, decide how you may want to invest. We talk about ways to invest in commercial real estate without having to have a large amount of capital. There are ways today to invest that can fit your lifestyle, risk tolerance and ultimate goals. The key is to do something. To diversify outside of your business is wise and recommended. As always seek legal and financial advice from an expert. This podcast and show notes are informational only. More importantly invest in others. 

If we can help you in any way with your business or finding a purpose you can call your Big Why, reach out to us at

Enjoy the Journey!


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