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A Full Cup of Just Love Coffee with Patrick Johnson

Why It All Starts with a Vision

The conversation with Patrick Johnson starts with him sharing choices he made based on his family vision story. He looked into the future and saw that his corporate career path was leading him in a direction that didn't follow his life plan. He and his family made a change and a new path was formed. Without having a vision spelled out, they could have traveled far down a career path that in the end wasn't a fit. 

"I've always found vision, in the large scale sense of the word, incredibly intimidating." - Patrick Johnson

Brand Promise

If you visit Just Love Coffee, you will experience their brand promise. They have a specific way they great you when you enter the store, and how they guide your through the experience. The brand promise is what they build the culture to support. They communicate to all employees through training and operational systems how to meet the brand promise with each action they take. 

Patrick explained that having a brand promise provides clarity to all involved. It provides an expectation to the customer and the employee. It is ultimately a result of the culture. It's important to have a brand promise for your business. It must be one that drives everyone in your business to do the right things all the time. 

Effortless Customer Experience

A customer experience is the journey your customer takes from start to finish through their engagement with your business. The goal is to make it as effortless as possible. The customer experience should be mapped and discussed by the team to continually improve the process. Every key touch point within the process needs to be reviewed and streamlined. Remove any steps possible to make it as simple as possible.

The culture will be the determining factor in what the customer experiences. Whatever expectations the team has for each other is the level of compliance to the brand promise that will result. A high performance team will hold each other responsible and themselves accountable to meeting or exceeding the brand promise. 

Caring for the Team

As the business owner you are responsible for showing a caring relationship for the company employees. One of the ways to do this is through non-monetary benefits. Of course, providing the standard benefits is great to, however when money is tight, there are some other ways to benefit them. Patrick talks about mentoring them in personal financial decisions, as that is a skill of his. In what way can you do something above and beyond pay for your employees?

A Complete Business

The Just Love Coffee franchise that Patrick and his partners operate is a great example of a complete business. What that means is that the people and processes are both solidly in place and they are a profitable business. They have systems in place to ensure the key steps of the business are being followed daily. They also have rigorous hiring and on-boarding processes that protect the culture they have built. They focus their team on the brand promise as they continually improve operations. While they are still growing and learning, the base line from which they are working is a fully structured business. 

If you are in the Murfreesboro, TN area and want a great cup of coffee, along with a fantastic customer experience, stop by and see Patrick and team. They will be glad for the visit. Sit back and watch the brand promise in action. 

Enjoy the Journey!


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